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 The Players Handbook

The Player's Handbook
How To Get Girls in Bed Tonight!
Start Bump'n Uglies Like Never Before!

The Player's Handbook
Learn How To Get Girls In Bed Tonight!

The most controversial eBook ever!

The Player's Handbook


Are you sick of mixed signals, games, liars, psycho's, gold diggers?

Are you sick of spending all your money on dates?

You do have a choice!You DON'T have to go thru life sucking up to women, spending all your money on dates, pulling out chairs or any of that CRAP again!

This eBook will show you how to:
  • Successfully seduce any woman
  • Find out about the 3 age ranges and what they want!
  • NEVER spend money on "dates" again
  • How to spend $0 on a date - and get them into bed ANYWAY!
  • Get a woman to pay ALL your bills
  • How to catch a liar & bait traps to catch them!
  • Disarming "blockers" and dealing with haters
  • 30 Rules of the "game"
  • Take control of ANY relationship!
  • Overcoming obstacles - i.e. boyfriends, husbands and haters!
  • Seducing the 3 age ranges - made easy!
  • Marketing your new "image" with THIS!
  • Build a cult-like following of women using THIS technique!
  • Quick seductions made easy with THIS simple technique!
  • Controlling the female mind
  • Building a "network"
  • Build instant credibility with any female
  • How to get a female hooked on YOU so she can NEVER leave!
  • Working the nite clubs
  • Internet pickups (this one will amaze you!)
  • The life of agiggalo and the "legal pimp"
  • Reading female body language! Body language is 80% of human communication!Police and investigators use these SAME techniques to get the TRUTH from criminals. Use it to have an UNFAIR advantage over your "competition"!!!

Rather you are butt ugly or a dream boat, you will get the women and girls you have been dreaming about and have the best sex ever in your life, all from this eBook!
List  Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $8.98


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