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 Cellular Signal Booster

Cellular Antenna
Signal Booster

 As Seen On TV

AS SEEN ON TV for $29.99
The Cellular Antenna Signal Booster fits between your phone and battery so it is hidden from view...

It's like having a 10 foot antenna on your phone. This incredible internal antenna booster works on any: Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, Audiovox, Samsung, LGIC, Nextel, Sprint, Neopoint, Hyundai, Qualcomm, Ericsson or any other brand digital or analog mobile phone or PCS wireless phone. It fits between the body of the cell phone and the cell phone battery. On pagers and 2 way radio's, simply stick it on a flat surface of the body of the product. It is very easy to install!

Boost your digital or analog cellular, PCS, or cordless phone signal as well as your pager or two way radio signal for better reception in large buildings, tunnels, elevators, and many other places where the signal may get weak causing static, missed calls, dropped calls, etc. It can show improvement where there is already a weak signal.

Cellular Antenna Signal Booster...

This Internal Antenna is a passive device designed to capture stray static and signals in the body of the phone and to capture the signal to improve the signal performance.

The Cellular Antenna Signal Booster is without a doubt... A must-have with all cellular phones!


  • Boost your signal strength
  • Stop loosing calls
  • Stop the cutting in & out
  • Talk more clearly
  • Works on all cellular phones
  • Works on all digital phones
  • Works on all analog phones
  • Works on all PCS wireless phones
  • Works on all mobile phones
  • Even works on PAGERS
  • Reduces static
  • Easy to install
  • Just peel and stick
  • Small and thin
  • Completely hidden from view
  • Attractive Sleek Design
  • Very affordable
List  Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $8.95


US CableCom & Electronics
P.O. Box 2413, Hillsboro, MO 63050