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 PDI SmartCard Protector

PDI SmartCard Protector

SmartCard ProtectorThe PDI SmartCard Protector was designed to protect your receivers, descramblers, satellite system and SmartCards from unwanted signals and surges that wipe them out like spikes, power surges and lightning. Thus, protecting you from the need for equipment replacement or SmartCard re-programming.

SmartCard Protector

This great protector connects to your system through the input feed coax cable. Connecting this unit has never been so quick and easy. Take a look to the left and you will see how easy it is to hook up.

This SmartCard Protector works in all areas and has protected many around the world from having to replace thir equipment or re-program their SmartCards. However, it is not bullet-proof on SmartCards and may not work for you each and everytime. The PDI SmartCard Protector has saved us many of times and we still keep getting great reviews on it from our customers. THESE REALLY ARE WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD!


  • Protect your SmartCards from getting hit
  • Protect your Receivers from getting hit
  • Protects against spikes
  • Protects against lightning
  • Protects against power surges
  • Protects against unwanted signals
  • Small but very powerful
  • Fully Plug-n-Play

SmartCard Protector
Price: $29.95

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