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 UHF Video Transmitter

UHF Video Transmitter
Transmit Signale to ANY Room!

THIS TRANSMITTER IS HOT AS HELL! Are you disappointed that you can not watch TV in other rooms that have no Cable or Satellite signals hooked up? Do you want to receive your signals from any source with a video / audeo output in other rooms in you home? Then this is the product to buy!

Converts audio / video output from video cameras, VCRs, DVD players, computers, cable, satellite receivers, security camera systems, and so much more to UHF channel for viewing on multiple TV sets without wiring.

The UHF signal will be transmitting by the UHF rod antenna of this unit and all the TV sets in house can receive the video program clearly just by using the UHF loop antenna of the TV set.

  • Works with VCR Players
  • Works with DVD Players
  • Works with ALL TV Sets
  • Works with Cam Corders
  • Works with Video Cameras
  • Works with Satellite Systems
  • Works with Cable Converters
  • Works with Cable Descramblers
  • Works with Home Theaters
  • Works with Stereo Equipment
  • Watch the signals on multi TVs
  • RF output level
  • Antenna impedance 70 ohm TYP
  • Audio FM deviation
  • Harmonics output
  • Dimensions: 85wx38hx125d mm
  • Fully automatic
  • No adjustment is needed
  • Offers full compatibility
  • Comes with full instructions
  • Durable full metal case
  • Very high quality...

It can also send the UHF signal to cable thru the "F" connector on this unit. UHF output channel can be adjustable. Preset at channel 19 in factory. User can adjust the output channel if necessary. Detachable UHF antenna.
List  Price: $119.96
Sale Price: $79.95


US CableCom & Electronics
P.O. Box 2413, Hillsboro, MO 63050